Urban Juniors Club is a junior member's only club for children aged between 5 yrs to 17 yrs old whose main objective is to help our junior society to improve their personal interest and to provide channels that can help them get noticed.

The club membership is subscribed yearly and members get to enjoy various benefits among them a privilege card that ensures members get discount at various establishments. We have sporting teams such as Rugby, Lawn Tennis, Swimming and Basketball and members are encouraged to join any sport of their choice. We also have various fun activities for our members which include but not limited to outdoor activities like short excursions, camping for the older kids and picnics.

When you register to be an UrbanJunior, you are invited for all the events that Urban Juniors club organizes, you get a birthday card, a Christmas gift at the Christmas party and you get an Urban juniors Discount card that allows you discounts at various outlets.

The sports practice takes place during the school holidays. The children choose different sports that they want to participate in such as Lawn tennis, rugby, swimming and basketball. We organize competitions with other clubs to enhance their skills.

Our main interest is bringing out the hidden talents in your children e.g sports, public speaking events management and many more so they can be confident about themselves and work on improving themselves. The juniors get hands-on experience during any of our events because they are given various responsibilities on supervision.

This program is designed to enable students to encounter successful role models in the society. The students are invited by the professionals to their work places and let the children learn first hand what their careers entail. This is aimed at helping children make the right career choices and is designed for high school students during the school holidays.

These are voluntary activities on Saturdays and on school holidays for ages 12-17 years aimed at keeping them occupied, giving them a sense of responsibility and purpose. This includes volunteering at children's home, tree planting, and participation in community work such as cleaning up the environment.

Our yearly calendar of events include school leavers party (class eight and form four leavers), Talent Show, Holiday Day Camps, Sports day and Family day out all at different school holidays and a Christmas party at the end of the year.

We shall divide the kids into groups namely;

1. Drama
2. Journalism

  • Writers
  • Reporters
  • Editors
  • photo shoots

3. Sports

  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Lawn tennis

4. Events

  • Mc's
  • Caters
  • Event managers

5. Modeling

  • Catwalk

6. Any other

All the kids will belong to at least one sports category then we shall practice the other skills as we go along. They shall practice the skills during the events that we shall be holding to enhance these skills for their own advancement.

We shall come up with different plays where we do the casting and probably come up with our own T.V show or drama.

We shall market our talents to expose the kids for their own material benefits i.e. as advert models, kids acting roles, kids program presenters.